Use social WiFi to Get to KNOW your passengers

Social WiFi for Taxi Cabs and Transportation

Offer an amenity that gives back to your bottom-line.

Offer an amenity the others don’t.


Collect valuable insights about your passengers.


Captive, mobile engagement with your passengers.


Offer more revenue-generating sponsorships.

Cabs need wifi to compete

Increasing competition is driving you to make changes.

Offering sponsored, Social WiFi can help you gain a competitive edge without breaking the bank. You can even generate more revenue by offering additional digital advertising options to you current advertisers.

Our robust social WiFi solution can be installed in minutes and requires no integration into your current data or dispatch systems.

Our completely automated back-end platforms give you powerful marketing tools that will increase your passenger loyalty. Our advertising management platform is easy to use and flexible to support many different digital advertising and sponsorship campaigns.

  • Passengers that expect WiFi

    WiFi is available on airplanes now, why not in cabs?

  • Passengers that need wifi

    Tablet users and tourists NEED WiFi to stay connected.

  • Cabs that rely on ad revenue

    Offer your advertisers a new digital advertising option.

  • Increase in passenger engagement

    Get automated engagement to build LOYAL customers.

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